Apple is working on adding a new feature to Apple Maps that will help user to find parked car. iOS 8 is still just in its beta version release and developers are still digging into its code to find hidden features. This parked car locater feature is already available in Android’s Google Now.

As per reports from 9to5Mac some new icons are seen on iOS 8 which point to an addition to Apple Maps App. This addition is seen from a “pin” like icon on the screen. The icon is visible on screenshot below. So, there are six icons dedicated to this Parking feature in this screenshot image. The user will have to pin the car location while parking and after that, when user’s work is done the app will guide the user to his car location

icons (1)

Apple earlier also tried making a way into the real world with “Siri” but Google Now was way more successful in delivering users with what they needed. So, with Parked Car Locater Apple is trying to implement something already tested by Google Now.  This app will come in very handy as it will save a lot of time wasted in finding parked car. So, you will just have to pin the location of car while going into the mall and when you return you can easily find your car with the help of this app. This feature would be available in both iPhone and iPad and would add a little prestige to much criticized Apple Maps.

Still as iOS 8 is in its beta version many of its new features are still hidden. But developers are working hard to find these hidden features before iOS 8’s official release this fall. Useful additions like these are always welcomed by users. Stay tuned for more news on iOS 8.