Finally, Apple is going to have the finest features in its new iOS 8 for the iPhone and iPad users. This new iOS version will have manual camera controls in Apple for giving you a unique experience of capturing photos with Apple devices. No more basic settings for the camera function because you will have the settings editing option for HDR mode as well as Flash light power.

IOS 8 with Manual Camera Controls in Apple 1

The recent release of iOS 8 has finally assure the manual camera controls Apple devices including manual settings for exposure bias, focus mode, ISO, white balance as well as shutter speed.

AVCaptureDevice APIs is the main app that is used in the controlling system of camera that is new for the developers. However, the previous advanced settings using native camera app is absent in the new iOS 8.

IOS 8 with Manual Camera Controls in Apple 2

However, in short, Apple users can expect any third party camera app like La Nokia Camera to the newly developed iOS 8 of Apple. Exposure bias controls are the only native camera app that is newly entered feature on iOS 8.