The iOS has long been criticized by Android users for its lack of features. One feature which was missing for a long time was widgets. This iOS 8 concept from Ryan Gilsdorf indicates that iOS is finally getting widgits of its own. The iOS has a simple interface and thats all great, but it lacks a modern feel that most phones in the competition have had for a while.

iOS 8 concept given by Ryan Gilsdorf shows the addition of widgets through the Control Center. Users can swipe to choose between app widgets like music, calendar, weather and other third-party widgets and control apps from the home screen.

iOS 8 Is Finally Getting Widgets - 5 -- Doi Toshin

Some of the concept stuff looks kinda cool. Take a look yourself:

Some tweaks like the drop shadow option, icon radius slider, and transparency adjustment are what every jailbreaker wants to have on the iPhone. Although these new features look a little too elaborate compared to the iOS that we know.

iOS 8 Is Finally Getting Widgets - 3 -- Doi Toshin

The improved control centre gives you quick access to wifi and bluetooth settings. You can also access various other settings from there.

iOS 8 Is Finally Getting Widgets - 2 -- Doi Toshin

The app icon preference panel gives you control over settings like:

  • Turning the text under the icons on and off.
  • Removing drop shadows from app icons.
  • Choosing between bounded or freeform app icons.
  • Changing the radius of icons with a slider.
  • Choose between color icons or colorless icons.
  • Choose transparency of icons with a slider.
  • Searching the iPhone by swiping down.
  • Swiping up to access gesture based actions.
  • Assigning custom gestures to open certain applications.
  • Redesigned Siri interface.
  • You can also teach Siri new words now.

iOS 8 Is Finally Getting Widgets - 4 -- Doi Toshin

Apple is set to reveal their official and effective plans for the iPhone in the WWDC 2014. What do you think they will add to iOS. Will Apple be okay without Steve Jobs? Will Apple be able to come up to expectations now. Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.