These days tech giant Apple is releasing many beta versions of the iOS 8 with some new updates. Earlier today, we told you about Apple pushing up the iOS 8.3 beta version that comes with a support for wireless CarPlay. And now some source have claimed that Apple is coming up with the iOS 8.4 update having a codename of Copper after a Colorado ski-resort. However, it is said that we still have to wait for this until the launch of Apple Watch said to be in April ahead this year.

The new update is also said to be coming with the Beats music streaming service which could possibly be integrated with the iOS music application. Earlier reports have claimed that the Beats music streaming service would be included in upcoming iOS 9 having a nickname of Monarch, which too is the name of Colorado ski-resort.

Apple is said to be pricing its Beat service at lower rate compared to Spotify’s $10 per month charges. Some speculations also say that Apple would put a price of just $4.99 per month. Apple purchased the Beats Audio last year in May and the company seems to be working a lot upon it.

The company is also said to come up with its first Android app that would offer Beat’s streaming music service to users.

source: 9to5Mac