Some of you might be wondering, what is meme? Memes are photos that are passed around the internet and tweaked by millions of viewers as they go along. Memes are made popular by Reddit community. Normally, memes start with a theme and has a comment on the top describing what the memes all about is in a witty way.

In this entry, we are going to list down a few memes and the characters in the meme and how they look like in the real life.

We start with “Success kid”. Success kid was a symbol of pure joy and excitement. He was taken by his mother when he was 11-month old at the beach in 2007 and when she posted it on Flickr, it went viral.


Now the “Success kid”, Sammy, is 8-years-old and he is using his internet fame to find kidney donor for his father.


Another meme victim is “Crying Piccolo Girl”. When Villanova was kicked out from the NCAA tournament this year, one sad band member played a flute and it went viral.


“Cyring Piccolo Girl” is none other than Roxanne Chalifoux. Her internet fame got her a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show.


Do you know about “What does the fox say” music video that went viral on YouTube? It was watched over 336 million times. The video was released by Norwegian group consisting of two brothers, Ylvis.


They did not really do much on 2013 but they did release a single in 2014.


There they are, some examples of the famous internet memes in the real life.