We are slowly completing the picture of the upcoming iPhone 6. Supposed information and pictures flooded the Internet in the past weeks. If you are a little behind the news, let me do a thoughtful recap for you:

  • It is predicted to be released September of this year.
  • It is rumored to be bigger than its predecessors.
  • Relocation of the sleep/wake button from the top to the side, which is complementary since iPhone 6 is expected to be bigger.
  • An illuminated Apple logo at the back of iPhone 6.
  • iPhone 6 will use Quantum dots (QD) technology for a more awesome display.
  • Apple will use Sapphire display for this one.
  • The talk of the town handset will be made with Liquidmetal.
  • An amazing curved display for iPhone 6!
  • Apple is launching an iPhone with improved battery and supports wireless charging.
  • It features a 10-mega-pixel camera with f/1.8 aperture and a better filter.

All these details are enough to make iPhone 6 the hottest handset in the industry notwithstanding the lack of confirmation from its manufacturer. So, have you finalized on your mind or at least almost envisioned what the 9th iPhone would be like? We have already been fed plenty of details of its supposed appearance, features, even its release date! Now it is time to dig into its core.

Here are leaked images of the iPhone 6 Touch ID Sensor. Sourced from ASCII.jp.

iphone 6 touch id sensor2

iphone 6 touch id sensor

We cannot confirm the certainty of this yet as it looks almost the same as with the Touch ID sensor in iPhone 5s with very minimal difference in the connector cable. All the same, it is evident the effort of Apple to come up with a faster and more accurate sensor. ‘Til another rumor comes out. I will keep you posted!