There are pieces of code which have been embedded as part of computer software since long time ago without us as users know about it. Normally the pieces of code will surface when a specific set command was given. In this blog, we are going to show a piece of code which hidden in Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The secret screen is used to check whether the device is in good working condition.

So, how to access this secret menu?  Well, you can access the screen by opening the Phone app and entering the code *#0*# and when you enter the last symbol, the secret screen will automatically appear.

Most of the option in the secret menu is not really interesting. It seems like this menu is developed for testing purposes. There are 21 menu options altogether. For example, there is “Red”, “Green”, “Blue” and “Black” which allows you to check the screen’s output for flaws like the stuck pixels or color irregularities.

When you click on “Sensor”, it will display a cool-looking screen where raw data from your phone’s sensors will be displayed. On top of that there are graphs showing readings from your accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. If you click on “Image Test”, a Chihuahua picture will be shown, which is quite funny in a way.

Therefore, those are some examples of what you can find in the hidden menu on Galaxy handsets. Please try the rest if you have time and at your own risk obviously. If you want to share your findings, please leave us a comment!