Intel announced its new Braswell SoC to the world at the IDF conference earlier this year. An SoC is a System on a Chip. An SoC is an integrated circuit which contains the processor and various other components as well. It is all set and ready to run Android, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS as well. It is planned to be available in the first quarter of 2015.

Intel’s Braswell Atom Chip To Be Released Early 2015 - 2 -- Doi Toshin

Another Intel chip that uses Broadwell K desktop architecture as well as the next chip after the Haswell lineup will also be delayed until 2015.

Android is supposed to make a switch to 64-bit processors. Intel is anticipating this change and plans to make the Braswell Atom the main processor for 64-bit Android devices in the near future. Intel hopes to bring its powerful processor to mobile devices. The Atom architecture is designed for maximum performance while consuming the least amount of power, making it ideal for mobile devices in general.

Intel intends to ship their product with a large number of mobile designs as well as 10W desktops. The Braswell-D SoC is planned to be released by the first quarter of 2015. It is rumored that Braswell is going to bring DirectX 11 and triple display support to Android devices.

High-end desktop processors from Intel include processors with use the Broadwell architecture which are also planned to be released in 2015, after the current Haswell refresh chips go through their life-cycle. The Broadwell K will come to replace processors like the Core i7 4790 K which uses LGA 1150. The Broadwell E on the other hand will replace Haswell C desktop processors which use 130-140W.