We all know that Intel has a great desire to be in tablet market. This was evident by Intel’s recent partnership with Chinese chip manufacturer Rockchip. The company is claiming that its Atom Processor is to power over 130 tablets this year. These tablets would be for both Windows as well as Android. This is a huge leap for Intel which is by far a frontrunner in PC processor market. As until now apart from PCs, Intel’s processor have not made its way in to many tablets or smartphones.


This major announcement was made by Intel President Renee James at Computex 2014. She said “Innovation waits for nobody, and stops for nothing”. According to her Intel tech would step up on manufacturing smaller chips and “Internet Things”. The company also announced a variety of other things at Computex, including a quad-core chip with each processing unit running at 4GHz. It also made the first phone call using a phone powered by SoFIA–a design that uses in-house Intel processing but is manufactured by outside foundries.

After the departure of Nvidia from tablet space, Intel’s entry would give a new push to this market. Qualcomm is the leading manufacturer of tablet SoC’s followed by Mediatek. So, Intel launching over 130 tablets would add a major player in tablet market.  The target of Intel this year is having upto 40 million of its chipsets running of various devices. As Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said, “I’m not giving up on the phone and the tablet space”. This goal seems to be realistic as it is rumored that next Nexus tablet is set to run Intel SoC.


Now it is quite interesting to see where this new class of tablet chipset will take the company. For years Intel has dominated the PC and Laptop processor market and only time will tell if it is able to do the same in tablet and smartphone world.