Review: Jabra Solemate Max


Bluetooth Speaker to the Max

The Jabra Solemate Max ($399) delivers on sound quality and conveniences, allowing you connect a supply via Bluetooth, USB or mini jack. It’s on the substantial side, still, and it may use a trifle additional bass.


Controls for playback and volume are at the top. If you have got associate degree NFC-equipped smartphone, Bluetooth pairing is fast if you wave the device over the device.

Rear View

The Solemate Max’s perforated style masks a passive radiator in back.


You can attach audio sources to the USB port or minijack input, and there is a micro USB port for charging.


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Beach Ready

The Jabra Solemate Max is each dust- and splash-resistant.
The Jabra Solemate Max is not any standard moveable Bluetooth speaker. At 6.2 pounds, it weighs 130% over the Jawbone massive Jambox, a well-liked challenger. At $399, it prices 60% a lot of. Its rugged style is dust and splash-resistant. And it’s a USB digital input; therefore you don’t even need to use the Bluetooth if you’ve got a pc handy. However is all this bulk what folks really need in a very moveable speaker?

As Bluetooth speakers go, the Solemate Max packs some thoughtful guts. Its separate woofers and tweeters for higher fidelity, and a rear passive radiator to pump up the bass. A free iOS or Android app enhances a seven-band graphic equalizer and Dolby Sound Space Expander process.

One nice bonus is associate enclosed 3.5mm-to-3.5mm analogy audio cable that snaps into all-time low; therefore you’ll be able to simply attach non-Bluetooth devices. The inner battery is rated at fourteen hours of playback per charge.

Bluetooth pair off with my Samsung Galaxy S III was quick and consistent, typically taking solely concerning one second and complete by a voice prompt. Obtaining the USB digital affiliation to my HP SpectreXT laptop computer was even as straightforward, a completely plug-and-play operation.
Playing music through the Jabra app wasn’t quite as sleek, as a result of it needs typewriting during a key code once downloading. The app then becomes your music player; you can’t access its options via iTunes or the Android music player. Of course, you do not want the app to play music; then again you cannot make the most of the equalizer and Dolby sound.

If you wish vocal and light-weight pop and jazz, you’ll most likely just like the Solemate Max. Voices sound extremely clear for a conveyable speaker, near what I’ve detected from a number of the higher Bluetooth models within the $400 vary, like the Wren V5BT. Feminine and male singers of all stripes measured swish and natural, with simply a trace of sibilance here and there to strike a chord in me I used to be paying attention to a conveyance system.

The Solemate Max plays as loud because the loudest Bluetooth speaker I’ve detected so far, the Soundcast Melody. The Max maxes out at concerning 102 decibel — simply enough to fill an out sized area with sound. Even turned up full-blast, the sound distorts solely slightly, and solely with extremely serious rock and roll.

I ought to note here that my 1st review sample had plenty of distortion within the bass, a tangle cited in another early review I’ve scan. My comments here area unit supported the second sample, that Jabra says is representative of current product, and that the Bluetooth association on my phone known as version 1.1.