Users can expect a number of improvements on the upcoming iOS 9 which is aligned with Apple’s vision to a more proactive iOS. Siri, as one example, will receive a complete user interface redesign and the result will be 40% more accurate than last year with error rate of just 5% which is according to Apple, is the industry best. On top of that, Siri will be 40% faster while handling more than 1 billion requests per week.

Siri will also have capabilities to set your calendar based on your email automatically. For example, if there is incoming email reminding you your dentist appointment is due in a few days time, Siri will add it to your calendar and set a reminder for it automatically. Therefore, when the day come, Siri will alert you and let you know when is the best time to leave the house based on the traffic at that point of time.

iOS 9, on the other hand, will have capabilities to learn your habit and use it to recommend apps which is able to make your day easier according to your context. For example, if you normally read newspaper at around 9am in the morning, it will display a few apps for you around this timing on daily basis or if you like to play music, then as soon as you plug in the earphones, then the smartphone will display your favorite music player on your lock screen so that you can immediately play it.  This is Apple’s definition of proactive vision.


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