IBM is developing a cloud-based supercomputer which collects billions of healthcare data bits.  The project is aimed to reduce healthcare costs through a convenient way to access information about personal health and other people’s health information which most probably having the same issue.  However, the people’s personal information will not be released, it just the health information about the person which is released to the public.

John Kelly, IBM’s SVP of solutions research said that IBM believes that a very large portion of healthcare spends is preventable during an interview session with Mashable.  Kelly is also confident that Watson Health Cloud will help to slow down the increasing cost of healthcare and if possible reverse them.

In the effort to achieve the goal, the company acquired two healthcare companies, Phytel and Explorys. Exlorys has approximately about one-sixth of the U.S. population’s data.  There is no information on what is the figure that is spent to acquire both the companies. On top of that, IBM is also partnering with Johnson & Johnson as well as Apple. Apple has announced ResearchKit recently which allows researchers to leverage data captured in iPhone to help in monitoring sickness such as Parkinson’s and diabetes.

Watson Health Cloud will work well with ResearchKit and HealthKit. Apple will include them as part of iOS 8. It seems like not only the data will be accessible through the laptop or PC, but it will also able to be accessed from mobile. IBM and Apple has already partnered with industry-specific mobile solutions.