With the presence of Samsung, LG and Sony at the CES 2015, it is easy for the public present at the event to forget that only these big companies are there at expo.


The reality is that, other than these big companies, there are also smaller companies trying to get fame, the difference between these companies is that their advertising booths are present at the corners of the CES; rather than being in the center.

ibattz, a company which is making accessories for iPhone, comes up with a great solution for the batteries of iPhone that has been a big problem.

Ibattz Battery Solution Will Charge Your iPhone in 15 Minutes

On testing, it was observed that iPhone 6 takes up to 147 minutes, total time of nearly two and a half hours, to charge fully from zero; however, it has a small battery of 1810 mAh battery; but with the development of solution from ibattz the time could be reduced, the new device is able to provide 2 amps of current.

Ibattz Battery Solution Will Charge Your iPhone in 15 Minutes

It has been promised by ibattz that the ASAP Charger will be able to charge the batteries of two models of iPhone 6 whether it is of 11,200 mAh or 5,600 mAh and will be able to charge it ten times faster than the usual charger. It offers that it will completely charge it in 15 minutes.

However the availability of the device for purchasing has not been confirmed by ibattz, but it is important to stay up to date with the release of the ASAP charger as it is a great way to charge iPhone.