Already when the fourth generation wireless system has started to roll-out in the market, international tech biggies are eyeing on bring up the fifth generation system to the market. However, till date, this has just been a concept in definition but now it seems that the industry is planning out seriously thereby taking some concrete actions in bringing up the super-high-speed-data.

This means that the world-wide carriers have to work out how they would could push to bring this fast data communication. The new “5G” technology would deliver very short latency, deliver better power efficiency and very fast throughput. Tests conducted so far in this direction have been successful in delivering data speeds more than 500Mbps with one-fifth of the latency tat we currently have on a 4G LTE network. This is mostly achieved with high frequency radio bands having a shorter range. This issues can further be overcome working on the antenna technology.

The good news is that the world’s second largest switchgear maker Huawei  has signed a MOU with Russia’s second largest carrier MegaFon in order to build a trial 5G network and is likely to be made operational during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

This would be a new developing platform for MegaFon to develop its own direction in this niche as this would slowly be adopted across the globe. This new test-setup would require a large scale user participation with M2M devices. Huawei has itself established as a strong player in the mobile segment and mobile technologies and it is said that the test terminal equipment used in trial zones would cover about 11 cities.

source: Light Reading