Good news for the people who live in countries, which have a 4G LTE (Cat4) connection. The service is one-step ahead of the 3G, but it not yet available in majority part of the world. Huawei, a telecom firm from China, whose headquarters are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong; has announced that they will release a CAT6 LTE Smartphone by the end of this year. The CAT6 LTE Smartphone will be well equipped to support the 4G LTE (cat4) connections.

The information was been disclosed in an interview, given by Richard Ren. He is the President of Huawei’s consumer division of Europe and he said, “In the coming second half of this year, we will launch the Cat6 lte Smartphone”.

This Smartphone, which is been well enabled to support a 4G LTE connection, will allow a download speed of 300 mbps, which is two times the speed offered by other 4G LTE Smartphone available in the market. This is a breakthrough by Huawei in the field of Cat6 LTE Smartphone.

‘The Cat 6 connectivity was been achieved in partnership with Qualcomm’, announced last April by Huawei. However, it is not yet confirmed by the company that which of its Smartphone will have this feature. According to some people, it is been expected that a P-series device will be chosen for that. Huawei’s SingleRan technology and Qualcomm’s 4G LTE modem GOBI 9×35 is been used to test.

Huawei now has its HiSilicon chip, which is capable of supporting Cat6 technology, but it is still going to use MediaTek and Qualcomm processors as of now. The HiSilicon chip should be used for the upcoming devices. Ren also stated that, with the HiSilicon chip in their hands, they are running 6 months in advance of Qualcomm. He said that HiSilicon is world’s first Cat6 chipset and they will take an advantage of it, by using the best chipsets for their upcoming products.

Qualcomm will release Snapdragon 810 and Snapdragon 808-64 bit processors, later this year. Both these processors will support the latest Cat6 lte technology. It is been anticipated that the product will reach the markets by next year as it will be shipped to OEMs by third quarter of the year. This means that Huawei can earn itself an advantage, if it launches its Cat6 Smartphone this year. By doing that, they will be running ahead of Qualcomm by several months. The Cat 6Huawei mobile broadband dongle will also be introduced with the Cat 6 Smartphone, which will guarantee better speed and connectivity to its users.