Honor XSame day, two news!

On 22 July 2014, it seems like that Xiaomi is not going to be the only Chinese smartphone manufacturer which will be launching its new smartphone handset. On the same day, another Chinese smartphone giant Huawei will be hosting an event. There is a high chance that Huawei is also going to launch its new smartphone Honor X in this event.

Huawei’s plan

At the moment, there is no information available about the features of the new Honor X smartphone. Nonetheless, Xiaomi will be launching a new high-end smartphone Mi4 which is probably the successor to Mi3. Mi3 was launched last year, and it was a great success. Mi4 is expected to be a lot better than its previous version. Therefore, Huawei might be planning to counter Xiaomi’s Mi4 by launching its new high-end smartphone Honor X on the same day.

Odd strategy

It is a bit surprising because a few weeks ago Huawei already released its brand new smartphone. That smartphone has the name of octa-core Honor 6, and it is quite popular. However, the public is more interested in Honor X smartphone. Everyone is eager to know what it offers to them.

For China only

Huawei manufactures the Honor brand only for its Chinese customers; therefore, there is a high chance that the company’s new smartphone will only be available in the Chinese market. However, this is just an assumption; the company can also release an international version of its smartphone whenever it wants to. We will have to wait till 22 July 2014 and see what happens.