HTC had launched its super wide angle handheld RE Camera at its ‘Double Exposure’ event in October last year. The “remarkable little camera” as dubbed by HTC has now got support for live video streaming on YouTube. Users will be able to stream videos directly to YouTube and “share moments as they happen”.

The Taiwan-based giant revealed at this year’s CES that Android users will get this feature via an RE app update immediately from the next day. iOS devices will get the RE camera app update for the live YouTube streaming feature later, but in Q1 of 2015 itself.

The live streaming feature of the RE Camera is easy to use. After you get the RE app update, you have to sign in to your YouTube channel and then activate its live streaming feature. After verification, live streaming from RE is easy. Live footage that you wish to share will be sent from your RE camera to your smartphone, which then transmits it to your YouTube channel. You can send the broadcast link via social networks or text and invite people to view your event live. They will also be able to see the broadcast after it ends as the link remains active. The live streaming can be broadcast in private mode for selective audiences or in public mode for anyone to see.

RE Camera’s main competitor GoPro is also capable of streaming live footage but its process is not so simple. The live streaming feature is also available in many of Sony’s high-end Xperia devices.

HTC-RE Camera-2

Source PRNewswire