HTC One (M9) story
One of the most expected mobile phones of the year 2015 is HTC One (M9). Therefore, all the sources of rumors cannot keep quiet about it; they have leaked some interesting information about HTC One (M9). Earlier many leaked images of the alleged device were shown, but all of them were images of previous prototype models. None of them will go into production. However, the most reliable source on the web has provided this picture, and that source is @evleaks though he gave up leaking information about mobile phones. HTC M9
Evan Blass tweeted saying, “Old habits die hard”. This was an announcement that @evleaks is back to its habit of leaking information. His latest news is about the new version of HTC One (M9) which says that the device has shinny and elegant appearance.


Two phones
The interesting part is that there are two mobile phones with a design very similar to the design of HTC Desire EYE that has an eye-catching camera on the front. This approach of two phones is a popular practice of Samsung and Apple. The rumor is that this is the picture of HTC One (M9) and its larger version which can be called HTC One (M9) for the time being. It is also possible that the latter will be given a totally new name like HTC One (M9) Max or something else.


HTC One (M9) Plus
For HTC (M9) Plus, it can be clearly seen that the physical “home” key is back. The only possible reason for this change that sounds logical is the new fingerprint scanner which will improve the phone security. If one takes a close look at the picture, he will also notice the two speakers that were previously called BoomSound. The two speakers are very elegantly integrated in the mobile’s body.HTC M9 plus


In other words, this leaked picture of the two HTC mobile phones, HTC One (M9) and HTC One (M9) Plus, give people an idea that the company has a modern approach for new designs. It can be predicted that the design will definitely appeal the people.