According to the recent tweet from @upleaks, HTC is going to release an entry level of tablet with the code name of HTC H7 in the second quarter of 2015. There is no further detail or whatsoever about the tablet, including the screen size, display resolution, chipset and design. The only hint that we know that it is most probably will have a 7-inch screen size if we based on the codename.

HTC is one of the manufacturers of Google’s Nexus devices. Last year, HTC worked with Google to make Nexus 9. Recently, Nexus 9 has received an update to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop for its OS. With the partnership ended, it is expected that HTC will produce some of the better quality of tablets since then. There are a few good products from HTC released until now, one of them is HTC One M9 which is a smartphone. HTC One M9 was released in March 2015 and it is one of the best Android smartphone.

There is also another rumor that HTC might produce another tablet which is a Nexus 9 version with MediaTek chipset which is going to launch in Chinese market. However, so far, it is not realized yet. It seems that HTC will need to make the product announcement latest by end of June if the company wants to materialize the product.