HTC might be working on a wearable gadget despite being one of the largest manufacturer which has not release a smartwatch, smartband or wearable gadget yet. Apparently there are rumors that reveal some of the feature and specification of HTC wearable gadgets.

Apparently the rumored HTC wearable gadget will go by the name of HTC Petra, although it is not confirmed yet. HTC Petra might come with a flexible 1.8-inch PMOLED display with a resolution of 32×160 pixels. On top of that the device will be water-resistant as well as shock-resistant. It will also support Bluetooth, POGO Pin and USB.  The battery life will last 3 days without charging.  Furthermore, the wearable device will also be working with Android 4.4 or higher as well as iOS 7 or higher.

HTC Petra might come the usual standard feature such as an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, various fitness- and sports-related features, and sleep analysis. It is also able to display notifications when paired with smartphone and allow users to remotely control its camera shutter.
The wearable device is rumored to be released in the end of Q1 2015 in the US first. The device is available in teal, lime, black, blue, and gray colors. It is expected to launched within the same period with HTC One Hima.