The HTC One (m8) and its forerunner were both crushingly admired for their sleek designs, sturdiness as well as sound excellence. Somehow, their cameras we able to receive mixed reviews. The Duo Camera technology doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea. But, the news to catch is the HTC One mini 2 won’t be coming with the Duo Camera dual-lens system. Although it will be change the outlook with a straight up 13MP sensor.

HTC One mini 2

HTC One mini 2

As rumours collected from a leaked press-release,it has been confirmed. Focussing  on the functioning of the Duo Camera system with two lenses, the first lens processes the picture while the other one changes the focus on it. This method has developed both is fans and critics (more so the latter)

HTC has released press notifications on the phone, but it has still remained silent about official list of its tech specs . A s rumour had it, the phone will be coming with a 4.5” screen with 720 x 1280 resolution, a quad-core 1.4GHz CPU, 1GB RAM along with a 16GB built in storage. Android 4.4 with Sense 6 will provides a platform to the software face .

Evleaks has already been affirmative that the mini 2 will come to surface for Verizon, but predictable to be offered on other major US carriers as well.