Looking at the pace at which the leaks are popping out, it seems HTC One mini 2 is not far away from officially getting launched. This upcoming mini variant of the recent flagship HTC One M8 has made an appearance at @evleaks which shows the device to be coming in three different colors of Silver, Gray and Gun-metal Gold which are the similar colors in which the HTC One M8 was launched last month.


HTC One mini 2

HTC One mini 2

From design point of view, it remains quite similar to the parent HTC One M8. However, any specs for the device has yet not appeared except for the few that were predicted by @evleaks way back in February even before HTC One M8 was launched.

These leaked images give a stronger credence to our recent news that shows that HTC One Mini 2 would have a single camera and not the “Duo Camera” with dual lens as in HTC One M8.

Well, we keep our fingers crossed as the device could be official anytime soon.