HTC One M9 Will Have Loud Stereo BoomSound Speakers

One of the features that distinguish HTC One (M8) from other mobile phones is its Stereo BoomSound speakers, so it wouldn’t be rather shocking to hear that HTC’s new One M9 will also have the same audio technology included.It could be possible that it might not have the same speakers but would have even better ones.

Today it has been put forward by HTC that the One M9 will consist of even more dominant BoomSound speakers. A short teaser video has been presented by the company on Twitter, with a comment saying “get your hands on bigger boom.”

However, the video released doesn’t display much about the new HTC One M9, but it is quite clear that the mobile phone will have very thunderous speakers.

According to report of past, it could be possible that HTC teamed up with Dolby Laboratories so that it may set up Dolby 5.1 audio technology in its latest HTC One M9. Next flagship smart-phone of HTC will be announced at MWC on 1st of March, also on the same day Samsung has planned to reveal its new flagship handset.

The latest smartphone of the company will come in two variations, one of which would be the One M9 Plus with Quad HD display on 5.2 inches screen and other will be One M9 consisting of 5 inches screen with 1080 display.

It is supposed that both handsets will consist of advanced BoomSound speakers, but that can only be tell at MWC on 1st March.