We just spotted almost the complete specs for the HTC One M9 that showed the device to be having a 4MP UltraPixel camera to its front here the back Duo camera would now be replaced by an 20MP Toshiba sensor.  Today, most of the flagship handsets are said to come with a 20MP primary sensor and major of the handsets are seen to come with Sony sensors. However, reports now show that the HTC One M9 will now utilize 20MP camera sensors made by Toshiba instead that will give some new level of image quality different than Sony sensors.

The Toshiba made 20MP mobile sensors are the recently announced ones T4KA7. The sensors supports backside illumination, 1080p video recording up to 90fps, real time HDR mode, Additionally, it offers square pixels for starters with 1.2micron tiny pixels as seen in all high-resolution mobile sensors. According to Toshiba, the sensor “utilizes a proprietary square-pixel design that enables exceptionally high-quality images with low-power consumption.” Take a look at the below block diagram for the 20MP camera sensor of Toshiba.


The specs for the sensor show a 1/2.4” size, 3752 vertical and 5384 horizontal pixels, 22 fps of recording at full resolution. The Sony 20MP IMX320 sensor has also got phase detection autofocus built-in. This shows that there is a big battle between camera sensor makers for high-resolution, advanced features, powerful image processors and much more. Moreover, a lot depends on the software algorithms too to ensure how effectively they make optimum use of the sensor image processing prowess.

source: Toshiba via MobilTelefon.ru