The HTC One M8 is an undoubtedly one of the prettiest phones you are looking for. A phone with a sleek design which looks compatible with any color. Somehow, that can’t be a justification to offer consumers lesser choice and we should be relieved to report HTC is not making shield.

A series of a press releases of yet another shade that is going to join the HTC One M8 palette – Pink. The specifically womanly colour is about to be launched this year. Still, the arrival of pink colour is still expected to be after the red version.

Adding this one to the shelf, total number of available HTC One M8 colors will be brought to five. So, now the same phone will be available in classical Gunmetal greyGlacial silver version, Amber Gold, while the two new colors will add some more metallic beauty to its design. As rumors had it, a blue version will show up soon but still is not confirmed.