After all the rumors, leaked specs, leaked images and leaked videos the device HTC One M8 has finally been voiced by the Taiwanese company. Well, what can be said is that all the rumors that we came across from past many days came out to be almost true.

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Specs, Hardware, Software, Battery



The first glimpse at the device clearly shows it to be made of 90% metal body. The new HTC One M8 hosts a 5.0’ screen, with 1080p resolution and the side bezels have been very beautifully crafted and the hardware keys have merged within the screen itself hence sporting a bigger screen size than earlier. The BoomSound stereo speakers are once again on the job giving a 25% louder output as compared to its predecessor. The HTC One M8 comes with a Snapdragon 801 chipset along with a 2.3GHz Krait 400 processor, 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 GPU. The device is available in two storage options with 16/32 GB in addition to the provision of expandable memory up to 128 GB via microSD card slot.




Users will get the latest Android 4.4 KitKat on-board with the latest Sense 6.0. A cool new features with this updated package is the Motion Launch, which allows users to quickly unlock the phone or open the camera while the screen is off. Just hold the HTC One M8 is landscape mode and press the volume button to launch the camera. Users can wake up the phone with a double tap or slide from up to bottom. In locked condition, holding the phone in portrait mode and sliding to the left will get you to widget panel while sliding to the right will get you to BlinkFeed. The device is having a strong battery life with 2,600mAh of juice and a special Power Saving mode enables you to operate 30 hours with just 10% battery drain. This is something very spectacular and unheard of! The Sense 6 launcher has also moved to the Play Store that will streamline the update process.



You would indeed be waiting for this talk as we now come to the camera department! HTC seems to have quite a bit of homework in this section and has come out with some good results. The HTC One M8 sports a 4MP camera with 1/3” sensor, 2 micron-sized pixels and f/2.0 aperture. There is an additional second camera that has been kept to gather depth information which HTC calls as a Duo Camera. This camera works like the stereoscopic abilities of human eyes wherein two independent lenses are able to calculate the relative distance of subjects in an image. It also hosts some cool features like post-shot refocusing and selective focus.

The front facing camera has a big upgrade with 5MP taking a jump from the previous 2.1MP. However, the new M8 has only digital stabilization with optical stabilization missing. A two-toned flash has been introduced for capturing accurate color tones in low-light areas. The focus is fast which takes place in just 0.3s.

The HTC One M8 will be available in different accessories like Flip Cases, Double Dip cases, Dot view Cases and more. The device will be available in three colors of Glacial Silver, Amber Gold and Gunmetal Grey which are available from today in select markets. The device will roll across nearly 230 carriers spanned over Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-East, North America, China and Africa.

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