The new HTC One has yet to be made official with over two weeks left for the announcement, but there are more news that are rolling around the device. A recent leak from Evleaks gives us a clear hint of some of the flip-cases for the HTC One.


From the above images, what seems is that the tiny holes on the flip covers can display, time, notifications or weather information. How further these flip covers can function in different ways is still not known, but from the leak, one thing is sure that HTC has managed to add a new statement to its upcoming smartphone.

According to reports, the much rumored HTC One is soon to hit the markets on March 25th and with the recent competition of Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2, we would like to see how this smartphone takes its own share. Moreover, other rumors also suggest that HTC may come up with its Google Play Edition soon at the I/O event in June.