After every other Android smartphone manufacturer is getting into smartwatch segment too, this rumour from HTC seems a bit unusual. After seeing smartwatches from Sony, Asus, Motorola, Samsung, and LG everyone was expecting one from HTC too. But this rumour says otherwise.

The rumour does not disclose any particular reason for HTC’s denial to enter into smartwatch market. But some suggest that the reasons could be “a lack of wow factor” and high cost of manufacturing.

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The absence “wow” factor means that there is nothing new in launching a smartwatch as every other company has made one of its own. In just past few weeks we have seen so many smatwatches being lauched from Samsung, LG, Motorola to Sony and Asus. So, the comptetion in this segment is ever increasing and HTC doesn’t want to put in its resources.

But in past we have heard many rumours about HTC launching its smartwatch. At one time in February its was heard that HTC may launch its wearable at MWC, but that didnt happen. The rumoured watch was expected to be running on “Qualcomm Toq”. But as majority of smartwatches are running Android Wear this one wouldn’t have had a great prospect. So, it was good that HTC cancelled it.