HTC made a killing in the Android market with its HTC One line of phones. Now, after many years, HTC is finally making a phone for Windows. After buying Nokia’s devices and services, what kind of phone will Microsoft bring to the market? According to the ever reliable @evleaks, a new Windows Phone 8.1 will be released under HTC, and it is planned to made for Verizon.

HTC Making A New Flagship Windows Phone for Verizon - 1 - Doi Toshin

A recent tweet has dubbed the phone HTC ONE REMIX.

HTC Making A New Flagship Windows Phone for Verizon - 3 - Doi Toshin

No leaks have arrived about the specs of the phone just yet but we do know that its a Windows Phone. It will probably have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as well. The Name Remix indicates that it might be associated with music. The rest of the user interface is predictable because its a Windows Phone. Since its Microsoft and HTC, we can assume that the form factor of the phone will be premium.

HTC tries to keep high standards for its phones and the M8’s aluminum unibody design may be incorporated into the HTC One Remix as well. We might also see duel cameras similar to ones on the HTC (M8). We may see the 4MP UltraPixel camera or maybe a better camera sensor. Or maybe they will try to keep the bar low on this one, who knows.

They used to make cutting-edge phones for Microsoft with Windows Phone OS in them but its been a while since then. HTC has not shown us a good Windows Phone in years. The last phone they released for Windows was the HTC 8XT and it was not bad but not really all that good either. We will post new information on the new HTC Windows Phone as more information arrives. Until than, keep your eyes on the @evleaks twitter feed for more leaks than you can handle. We will keep our eyes peeled as well.