We hadn’t seen a tablet from HTC since 2011. 2015 might be the big hit for the company because they will be releasing their own branded tablet. We most likely known HTC with its cellular phones and the company would like to give it a try to explore the technology world.

According to the report, HTC isn’t stopping at the Nexus 9 (picture above) for Google. They are still open for another shot while trying to produce something on their own. The last update of Nexus was fall, last year and appears to have no plans to introduce a new one.

HTC’s North Asia President, Jack Tong, speaking at a press conference in Taipei on Tuesday, said that company will not produce ultra-low-cost tablets (under $160). Furthermore, Tong said that it’s not clear to produce a 7-inch tablets since the popularity of extra-large smartphones is still ongoing. So let’s assume that it will be larger than 7-inches.

Neither the price nor the size will be small, it is still reasonable and worthy . Everyone is still expecting something different next year. Looks like the company is very optimist about their sales. They want to maintain being one of the highest sales in Taiwan, since HTC sales have risen in Q4. Let’s wait and see for more details soon.