HTC has invited press to their event on 8 October 2014 in New York City. The details of the invitation are not released to the public and thus we are left with speculation.

The press invitation shows two women allegedly taking a selfie while holding an HTC One (M8) along with a couple of green boxes. On the top right corner of the invitation, it was printed ‘Double exposure’. With hints from the invitation cover, we anticipate that HTC will unveil their next generation of smart phone. The smart phone should be able to take our own selfie with a better quality than HTC One. Since HTC One has been featured once, it might not be possible for it to be featured for the second time.

There were rumours that HTC will be announcing HTC Eye in this event. But of course, it was just our speculation, we can be wrong. However, it is clearly has something to do with photography, smart phones and selfie.

HTC Eye was already in testing phase at AT&T back in July and thus there is speculation that the device will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. However, once again we need to emphasize that all these is just our speculation. We can be wrong.