All the HTC fans would surely be awaiting the much rumored HTC Desire Eye that is believed to be nothing but a topped up version of the HTC One M8 and would host a powerful 13MP front-facing selfie camera. Well, we have got a leaked image that shows two HTC Desire Eye in different color shades placed next to each-other flaunting its 13MP front-facing camera. Looking very closely to the image, you can see it to be saying “13MP Wide Angle” indicating a 13MP camera to its front.

This Wednesday, HTC is holding its “Double Exposure” event, where the Taiwan based handset maker is expected to unveil its action camera along with a selfie smartphone that is rumored since long. The earlier rumors had pointed out with the handset maker coming with an upgraded HTC One M8 with a 13MP Duo camera, but now it apparently seems to be false.

The upcoming HTC Desire EYE is expected to arrive in two color options of red and blue. Rumors from the industry also lead to a speculation that the handset would IPX certified that could sustain a 30 minutes submersion in 3.2 feet water easily. We soon with get you with all the updates as HTC gives out an official word for the device.