HTC Camera is the latest app from the mobile manufacturer that enables users to experience HTC EYE Experience to supported devices. The features that you are able to use will be depending on which specific phone you own. Unfortunately, it will only work well in HTC smart phones as of current period. It will be easier to update on Sense 6 devices without having to update the firmware.

The HTC EYE Camera experience was first revealed on the Desire EYE and includes shooting modes like Split Capture which is to take front and rear images simultaneously as well as Crop Me In which a feature whereby you can be inside a photo from a rear camera even though you are not inside the photo in the original image.

HTC has moved many of its core apps over to Google Play since One M8 launched. The recent additions include HTC Weather, HTC Lock Screen and HTC Scribble.HTC owners, if you happen to see HTC Camera update and you have tried it, let us know by leaving us a comment. Moreover, if you also happen to see any new features then you also can let us know too!

1-HTC-Camera-is-now-in-the-Google-Play-Store (1)1-HTC-Camera-is-now-in-the-Google-Play-StoreHTC-Camera-is-now-in-the-Google-Play-Store (2)