Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer HTC at the MWC 2015 expo announced its first VR headset – the HTC Vive which would compete against the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. For this, the company has said to partnered the popular video game developer and distributor Valve and is a mix of Valve’s Valve’s Steam VR tracking technologies with HTC’s “world-renowned design and engineering talent”. The HTC Vive offers a 360 degree room tracking with 70 sensors being used to build it. Users can even walk to experience the virtual plane and even interact “just like you do in the real world”. The HTC Vive offers an excellent 90fps. The VR headset comes with two additional VR controllers.


HTC is said to join hands with a number of well-know game developers like Wemo Labs, Bossa, Vertigo Games, Dovetail Games, Steel Wool Games, Google, Barry-Fireproof and Owlchemy. Some of the other popular partners are National Palace Museum, Lionsgate, Google and HBO for providing VR content to HTC. Here is what HTC had to say during launch.

“Vive creates an exciting opportunity for all developers and content creators, to help us bring virtual reality into the mainstream with an end-to-end solution that completely redefines how we entertain ourselves, communicate with each other, learn and, eventually, how we become more productive,”Cher Wang added. “HTC Vive is real, it’s here and it’ll be ready to go before the start of 2016.”

The HTC Vive VR headset is said to made available by the year end. Take a look at the official product video below.

source: HTC