Earlier this month, there was a tweet from @evleaks revealing that HP has some of its Android tablets in work. Last Saturday, @evleaks finally opened the curtains giving out the first press image of the device showing up the design that its new tablet would possibly host. Well, however the leaked picture showcases a contradiction to the thin bezels that most of the device makers are today focusing on. The first image shows the tablet in white with a front-facing camera with HP branding at the front and HP logo at the back. The image also shows a rear-facing camera with the speaker being placed at the back of the device.

Looking to its front, the bezels seem to be too thick, something that buyers would not acknowledge! However, @evleaks puts its smartly saying it’s the screen that has to be used and not the bezels. Moreover, bezels offer a good grip to the device for holding preventing accidental opening of application due to slip of fingers on the screen. What evleaks says is “To all u bezel-haters: aren’t u using the screen, not the bezel. & have u never experienced poor palm rejection? Stop hypebeasting.”

We would certainly wait for the official release of the specs for the device. An announcement from HP could be expected soon.