HP has released two more new tablets, Stream 7 and Stream 8. It is collaboration between HP and Microsoft. Both tablets will try to compete with the very cheap Android tablets which are out in the market now. It is just that the both tablets are running on Windows.

Stream 7 and Stream 8 will have similar design and both are running on Windows 8.1.  However, they will have different screen sizes. Stream 7 will have 7-inch display screen while Stream 8 will have 8-inch display screen as per their name.

There are no further details regarding their specs. But, according to the sources, both tablets will support HD display and comes with quad-core Intel processors. Both tablets offer 60 minutes of Skype monthly, a year subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal and 1TB of storage space on OneDrive. Stream 8 users will have an additional 200MB of free 4G data monthly until the end of the device lifespan.

Stream 7 and Stream 8 will be available in US starting of November. Stream 7 will be priced at $99.99 while Stream 8 will be pricing at $149.99. With the price of Stream 7, it is the cheapest Window tablet as of now. It is cheaper than Toshiba Encore Mini that was launched in the early September. It is not confirmed whether the two tablets will be sold internationally. Let’s just hope so.

HP-Stream-8 (1)



HP Stream 8 Tablet

HP-Stream-7 (1)


HP Stream 7 Tablet