Search giant Google has announced a new feature on Google+ by which you can search for a place on Google Maps on your PC and send the location directly to your mobile phone. This feature is available for both Android phones and iPhones that are running the Google Maps app.


Google also explains how to do this in their Google Maps Help document. Here are the step by step instructions:

1. First make sure that you have the latest Maps version installed on your mobile and that Wi-Fi and notifications have been turned on. Also, if you have the “lite mode” Google maps in your PC, you will not be able to send the place from it to your mobile.

2. Sign in to Google Maps with the same account on your PC as well as your mobile.

3. Open Google Maps on your PC and search for the place you want.

4. A place card will pop up. Click on the “Send to device” link present on the lower left corner of the card.


5. A list of all your devices will appear. Click on the device where you want to send the selected place. You will receive a notification showing directions to that place on your mobile.

6. You can navigate directly to the place via the Map widget on the status bar or tap on the pop-up to open the place in the Maps app.

Way back in April, Google had introduced a web feature by which you could send map directions via Google Search from your PC to your Android Phone