Before CGI (Computer Generated Imaginery) was used for making movies, there was “Stop Motion”. Stop Motion is a technique that was used in the movie industry to make dinosaur’s movie before “Jurassic Park”. It is a technique whereby if you want to make dinosaurs moving; the dinosaur’s model need to move then stop and take picture then next move then stops then takes a picture again. During that time Phil Tippet from Tippet Studio was the best studio who has done stop motion.

The CGI was first experimented in I.L.M. (Industrial Light and Magic).  When people mentioned ILM, they imagine it was the place where magic happens. However, it was actually a warehouse building that was in San Rafael but it is not used anymore.  It was a place where a lot of people sitting in front of computer and experimenting on digital.

“I.L.M was not really a production facility, that’s what I love about it. It was really a lab, you know? We were inventing, we were experimenting with things” said Steve ‘Spaz’ William,’ CG Animator,ILM /”Jurassic Park”.

When Jurassic Park was first brought up, it was originally planned to be made by using stop motion and most probably by adding some motion blur technique. However, there were a team of people who wanted to do it as a CG (Computer Graphic). The challenge of making Jurassic Park at that time was that how to make the dinosaurs to have a fluid movement and breathing, to make it seems alive.

As a result, Steven Spielberg and a team of people who are basically the makers of “Jurassic Park” made a bold movement and came out with digital dinosaurs for their upcoming sci-fi summer blockbuster. It was game changing move. Thus, nowadays, more and more movies is depending on the CGI to make something that cannot be done physically but it can be done using graphics and on top of that it will have realistic attributes to it. Some of these movies are the animal in “Life of PI”, the storm in “Twister” and “Avatar”.