More and more phone manufacturers are partnering with Microsoft and releasing their Windows Phone smartphones and feature phones lately. Out of which, Hisense is a Chinese phone manufacturing company which is the latest to partner with the tech giant.

The company announced it’s first device, the Mira 6 running the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system later last week. Mira 6 is reported to be the first dual-SIM phone to run the Windows Phone operating system.

The phone comes in a 7.18 mm thin form factor and has a 5MP front facing camera as well as a 8MP rear camera. The screen of the phone features a 5-inch HD touchscreen display with 720p display resolution.

When it comes to networking connectivity, the phone is available via China Telecom and features 4G LTE connectivity.

Regarding performance, the phone, which runs runs Windows Phone 8.1, comes with 1GB RAM and an 8GB built-in storage capacity. Its processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset with 1.2 GHz guad-core CPU.

Even though, there has been no official announcements as far as the price of the phone, anyone can gauge it won’t be too expensive considering the fairly moderate specs that the phone has.

Mira 6 is expected to be released to the Chinese market first and could possibly be available on other countries as well.

Taking into account that Hisense is not a main stream phone manufacture and is not very much familiar in countries other than China, some people express their doubt that phone will not have a huge market outside of China.