The video was done by New York based YouTube comedy team Rated WTF. In the video, it is shown that Siri is getting pissed off when her owner listens to Apple Watch more than he listens to her. Apple Watch is going to be launched soon. There are three choices the consumers can choose from, Apple Watch which is made from stainless steel, Apple Watch Sport which made from aluminium and Apple Watch Edition on the higher end as it is made of 18-carat gold cases and Sapphire crystal.

One of the features of Apple Watch is to be able to receive incoming calls. It is part of Apple’s Continuity feature which allows Apple users to answer incoming calls from Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad. It is a very useful feature for a scenario whereby if there is an incoming call and your iPhone is in living room and your iPad is in the study room and happen that you are in the study room, you can just pick up the call using your iPad since you and your iPad is in one location and your iPad will be nearer to you than your iPhone. However, this feature can be quite annoying feature in the scenario whereby your iPhone, iPad and you are in the same location together. Therefore if there is an incoming call, you might get confused of which device should you use to pick up the call? Not to mention with Apple Watch, there are one more device that you should consider.

I think we can just enjoy watching the video.