You might be wondering that the Android Lollipop released by Google last year is yet to catch the heat in the market, and it seems to be pretty soon that the Android M has been released. Google has finally made its official by announcing the Android M at the Google I/O Developer conference and it seems that with the new OS, Google would be largely focused on enhancing the user experience of the handset further. Google this time seems to be working a bit more on the code structure of the OS thereby bringing in all the features to its users. So let’s check out what the new OS Android M has to offer.

No more annoying app permissions!

Unlike its previous OS the Android Lollipop, which was a major design overhaul over it’s the then previous one (Android KitKat), Android M is majorly focused on improving the user experience. At the start of the event, Google first declared about the important changes to the app permission that seem to be pretty annoying. The developer preview of Android M, which would be available as Android Lollipop, users can see that they need to respond less often to the app permissions.


This means that suppose you are using WhatsApp and want to send voice message, you just need to grant the permission once, and after which you would never be asked to make use of microphone in apps again. This would apply to all the categories of permissions that have been simplifiedto be more comprehendable for things like “Camera” and “Location”.

However, in case you want to revoke this permission back, you will surely be able to do it through Settings Menu, that allows you to control that whether all the apps or few select only have the access to such permission.

Google Now gets even better

One of the biggest improvements in Android M actually have to do with Google Now — the search giant’s digital assistant. The service is arguably already best-in-class, but thankfully, Google isn’t being complacent.


Google’s digital assistance Android Now is getting an update with its new Os Android M. Even though the service is pretty fine and seamless, Google seems not to have got into complacency and has worked to add new features to the platform. Newly introduced ‘Now on tap’ service will help you understand your context in a much better way than earlier. This will help the Android Now to work even more smartly for e.g. a new message received on Viber that suggests you to go to the restaurant or any such reminder for that sake, will now be followed by Google Now. Just a Home button tap would summon this service which would set a reminder for dry cleaning and would also search for reviews of restaurants and apps that would help you reserve a table in the restaurant.

Such a functionality has been implemented to other platforms as well! For example if you are listening to a music track and you activate the Google Now feature asking for the artist behind the track, Google Now will automatically know whom you are referring to! Another example would be the Google Chrome where if you just highlight the name of the movie star and long-press the Home button to summon Google Now, it would serve all kind of information about him/her.

Android Pay with the native fingerprint scanning support

Well, it seems that Google doesn’t want to be left behind and so to put the competition straight with Samsung Pay and majorly with Apple Pay, Google along with the Android M brings its own wireless payment system called as the Android Pay. The Android Pay will be the extended version of the Google Wallet that would allow for the mobile payments in stores. Android Pay like the Apple Way, is to use the NFC mode with communication to the terminals.

In addition to this, Android M also includes native support for fingerprint scanners, which means that the handset manufacturers no need to make an extra effort to bake a new support. This feature is getting coupled with the Android Pay which is likely to give a boost to the Google’s new mobile payment system.

 ‘Dozing’ a special mode to increase the power efficiency


The battery life for the premium handsets has always been a matter of concern for the users. Manufacturers are constantly working on how to improve the battery life of their devices. The latest Google OS Android M is designed to focus on this aspect and have introduced a special ‘dozing’ mode that would activate various sensors of your device that would determine that you handset is not being used and would enter into the sleep mode. Don’t worry, as even ‘dozing’ being active, it wont stop the notifications and alarms from reaching to your.

With this, Android M would increase the standby time to 2x than that seen on the Android Lollipop. Moreover additional good information is that Google is extending the support for Type C charging ports public.


Direct Share

The gist of the Android experience has always been in easy way of sharing content however this feature needed some serious improvement in case there is a lot many information to be shared or lot many apps. Google seem to have worked on this matter and with its new Android M has also incorporated some smarter suggestions for sharing of content every time. This means that if you share most of the content with a particular friend of yours, Google will put that friend on the first priority as you are likely to share the content in future.

Google is still said to be working on this area and coming out with some very smart idea so that they can be implemented before it is released to its users.

Category wise volume control

One of the other great features of Android M includes the category wise volume control. This means that you can set different volumes for music, alarms, ringtone and similarly to other platforms. This means that there would be a sliding volume bar for all such groups allowing you to set the volume controls as per your need.