Guiding Headset Under Development By Microsoft That Will Help The Blind

It is very easy for most of us to walk on the street, easily finding our way and reaching our destination. But for those who are facing visual problems or blindness, such a simple task becomes a difficult challenge. To counter this problem, Microsoft is developing a guiding headset that uses sound guided system to lead the users on the course towards their destination.

Microsoft had developed a prototype of the device with the help of its partner in the project, Guide Dogs charity. The headset uses a different audio system to conduct sound. The inner ear directly receives the sound throw the jaw bone, which keeps the ears of the user free to focus on other sounds around them.

The headset pairs up with Windows Phone and uses GPS with combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals present on the course to guide the user. Once the user has defined his course, he will hear a clicking noise designed to sound like it is coming from a few meters ahead, which will keep him on the right track.

The headset warns the user with various other sounds if he is approaching a still or moving object. The user will also be guided with the direction they are traveling, like special sound will tell user when to turn left. The new headset will remove the need of canes or sticks.

The headset is not only designed for people with sight problems. Anyone can use it to find his way in unfamiliar places like tourists in foreign cities.