Looks like Apple is set to introduce its long awaited iWatch next month. A comment by John Grubber on Daring Fireball hints that Apple is announcing its iWatch next month. Grubber has a good reputation for leaking correct information regarding Apple device launches.

Grubber commented on Daring Fireball in response to an article in The Verge about Moto 360 and a part of the comment says, “Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month.”   Of course, he clarified later on Twitter saying, I have no idea whether Apple is planning wrist thing for September or October, just making a joke.”

However, since Apple is reportedly holding a special media event on 9th September when it is expected to launch its next gen iPhone 6, the company might also introduce its iWatch at the time.

Apple is expected to unveil its much rumored wearable device this year but the mass production of iWatch devices has been reportedly delayed and shifted from late-September to mid-/ late- November. The delay has been caused due to some challenging new software and hardware issues faced by Apple.

Apple has already registered the ‘iWatch’ trademark in several countries including Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey and Chile. Apple has also developed a Health Book app that is expected to be available on iWatch for tracking health and fitness. The Health app would be released with iOS 8 which is expected to launch with the iPhone 6. Hopefully Apple would unveil its iWatch at the time too.

Let us see what Apple goodies September has in store for us.