How long have you been using your smartphone or tablet pc now? And how much does it performance has changed ever since that day you got it from the store? Android device tends to slow down after some time due to applications and user data. And so we download even more app to boost its performance, to freeze apps or to kill tasks, which you sooner or later realize that does not really help a lot.

Greenify is a new Android application that restores your device, making it run smoothly as the first time. This app works does not work by erasing stale data like other applications. But instead assists in identifying apps that are misbehaving. It sets such apps in hibernation to avoid unnecessary eating of battery life. However, it does not freeze nor kill an app. Any application put into hibernation can be re-launched anytime remaining full functional.

Moreover, Greenify’s App Analyze reveals apps that have likely to affect battery consumption or device performance. However, this app is restricted to rooted device which run Android 4.x and beyond!


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