The piece of equipment, known by the name of GoSun Stove, runs on Sunlight and does not require any source of fuel to cook food; it soaks up warmness of the sun to attain a temperature more than 290°C or 554°F.

GoSun Stove Needs only the Sunlight to Cook

The interior technology of the GoSun Stove consists of solar evacuated tube which executes as the cooking chamber of the stove.

The sunlight which falls on the tube gets soaked up more than 80%. Even if clouds get in the way of light, the food continues to cook due to the heat stored within the vacuum tube.

GoSun Stove Needs only the Sunlight to Cook
Ohio-based company reports that their cookware has the ability to prepare raw meat, stirfrys, muffins, hot dogs, frozen foods, fish fillets, and eight egg omelettes.

In diameter, the gadget is 2.25” while its length is 2 feet; it is capable to hold food or liquid over 1.4kg. The price of ‘GoSun Sport’ is $280, while the cost of the ‘GoSun Mini’ is $128.

‘GoSun Sport Pro Pack’ has a price tag of $360 but it includes protected portable case, and an additional cooking tray and spoon. Each batch, the gadget is able to cook sufficient amount of food to provide for up to four people.

Matt Gillespie, an industrial and a designer working at GoSun Stove, stated that how the idea was initiated. He stated that, the idea was developed by Patrick Sherwin, the inventor of GoSun Stove and the founder of the company.

The gadget’s tube is made of borosilicate glass and it comes with a warranty of two years.