Corning as such needs no introduction as the company has already become famous for its toughened, robust and highly protective “Gorilla Glass”. Most of the smartphone making companies have adopted this Glass for covering up the screens with a tough protective layer in their premium flagships. However, one of the most common problem that smartphone user face is using the screens in sunlight. The bright sunlight often causes the screen to appear too dim comparatively. Corning is now planning to overcome this problem by bringing in the anti-reflective coating for the smartphone screens.

This year, the company has given the demo of such kind of coating at Computex. Such king of coating makes use of the technology named as Zero Air Gap technology which is likely to reduce all the reflections to a considerable extent and thereby permitting the use of smartphones even in sunlight without and trouble. Here is a video that can explain the technology much better.

We wish that Corning soon brings this technology for practical use making the cell phone use in bright light too easy.

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