Google has launched a web based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developers to write, run and debug software which is required to use quantum algorithms. The idea of this is to make the developer develop and test the algorithm before finalized the product.

Why Quantum?

Regardless of a computer speed, the way it solves a problem is always been systematic. For example, if you have a guest list of a hundred people in no particular order, and you want to find a name from that list, you will need to find one by one, compare it with the name that you want to find until you get the correct name. By using quantum algorithm, it will do the same thing as this but it has a special function to detect any slightest abnormality such as entanglement and superposition of quantum states which can increase the efficiency of the finding thus it will increase the speed.

What is Quantum Playground?

Google has released Quantum Computing Playground. It is a web-based IDE interface which allows you to fiddle around with quantum algorithm. It is using a scripting language called “qScript”. By using the interface, you can simulates a GPU-accelerated quantum Computer and you can write your own programs, compile, debug and run them, all from Chrome browser.

It can simulate quantum up to 22 quantum bits but it does not enough to break RSA encryption. It also can run demo of Grover’s (quick searching) and Shor’s (fast number factorization) algorithms. On top of that, it also can display the result in 2D and 3D graphs.

Unfortunately, the guide of using qScript is not clear enough, so you need to have some prior basic knowledge of it before you can make use of this facility by Google.