As we had reported yesterday, that Android Wear Lollipop could hit on December 10, it did. Google has announced the Lollipop update for Android Wear as rumored and it brings with it a number of features including the official Android Wear Watch Face API, better access to settings, screen brightness and much more.

Most of the rumored features have found a place in the updates such as retrieving dismissed cards, showing of recently used actions just by tapping the watch face, quick modes for screen brightness and sound and easy viewing of battery and storage information. The Sunlight mode will increase the brightness to a maximum while the theater mode will keep the screen off and mute the vibrations.

There are some new changes too, that were not included in the rumors. One is the change in the action carried out with the swipe-down gesture. Earlier, a short swipe would show the date and battery info while a full swipe would mute the watch. In the new update, swiping down will show the quick settings menu that will allow you to change notifications and brightness settings. All the notifications can now be muted directly from the watch instead of the smartphone as before.

The most important in the update is the inclusion of official Android Wear Watch Face API. You can choose from a wide selection of watch faces available on Google Play and many other enhancements. Watch faces in Google Play will be available under a new section and include Pac-man, Despicable, Plants v Zoombies, Google Santa, Porche as well as those from designers like Hugh Turvey, Rebecca Minkoff, Craid Ward and many more. Android Wear app in the smartphone will also be updated to make it easy for browsing, downloading or swapping watch faces.

The new Watch Face API will be available to developers who can create more watch faces. Google recommends developers to update their apps on Google Play only after the roll out of Android Wear 5.0 API 21 OTA is over because otherwise a watch face that needs API 21 will not be visible in a watch that is running API 20. Google also warns that support will be removed for watch faces not using the official API by 31 January 2015.

According to Google, both the updates will roll out over the next week. The Lollipop update will roll out for all the six Android Wear devices.

Here are a few watch faces:

Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-5 Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-8 Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-1 Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-3 Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-2 Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-7 Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-6 Android-Wear-Lollipop-Update-4

Source Android Official Blog, Android Developers Blog

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