According to a new leak, Google is working on a new cross-platform service called Co-presence. The service is aimed at allowing Android, iOS and Chrome devices kept in proximity, to transfer data to one another. The service is codenamed Co-presence and looks like a cross-platform version of Android Beam.

Android Beam allows transfer of contact info, YouTube videos, web bookmarks, directions and other data between Android devices via NFC and was introduced in Android 4.0. Co-presence will be its cross-platform version that will allow exchange of files, photos, messages, direction and other content wirelessly between devices running different operating systems.

According to the information given by the tipster to TechAeris, “Google is going to launch a service titled “Copresence” in the coming weeks. The goal of the service will be to allow cross communication between Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth, Wifi (possibly Wifi Direct?) and Location based data.”

The tipster has found large amount of data and images in the Google Play Services APK related to Co-presence including “banner images for setup, explanations of how the service works and XML’s defining the layouts of the setup app.”

Here are the images showing various devices happily exchanging data:

 Google Co-presence-1 Google Co-presence-2 Google Co-presence-3

The Co-presence API for Chrome is also available on the Chrome Developer site.  Google has already been granted patent for “Co-presence data retrieval system”. Gigaom has found several mentions of Co-presence in the Chromium bug tracker a couple of API’s on the Chrome Developer channel and bug listings in Code.Google recently, indicating that Google is actively pursuing Co-presence. Co-presence also has a similarity to Google’s project Nearby that will allow “people, places and things” to know when a user is nearby.

Google Co-presence-4

The Co-presence service may be launched in the nearby future but the exact timing is not known.

Google Co-presence-5