Google has come up a new Project Tango which enables users for 3D Mapping of its surrounding environment using their tablets. This project is under by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), formerly a division of Motorola. Project Tango is aimed at giving a human scale experience of space and motion to smart-phones and tablets.

This project first came in news in February and Google is set to launch a prototype tablet based on this technology. This 7′ inch tablet is equipped with 2 rear cameras and in-depth sensors and two “computer vision processors” in order to generate a real-time 3D Mapping of the space around the phone.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to produce 4,000 prototype tablets next month capable of using cameras and sensors to map the world around them. These could be released before the Google I/O conference late June.

The company believes the combination of these sensors with advanced computer vision techniques will open up new avenuesfor indoor navigation and gaming, among many other things. “Project Tango strives to give mobile devices a human-like understanding of space and motion through advanced sensor fusion and computer vision, enabling new and enhanced types of user experiences – including 3D scanning, indoor navigation and immersive gaming,” said Johnny Lee, ATAP’s technical program lead. Detailed real-time maps of a person’s surroundings could prove useful for a variety of applications beyond navigation, such as advertising, entertainment, and ecommerce. More applications would be worked as soon as developers get hands on this device which is to come soon.